Rat Ukes

The Builder: Roy Cox a.k.a. Blues Boy Roy

Armed with one semester of wood shop class in high school, a short stint as a bowling alley mechanic in the 70's and a love for acoustic stringed instruments, the builder has arrived.

The Builder Roy Cox a.k.a Blue Boy RoyThere are dozens of repairs and restorations completed in guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, banjos, etc. Many successful and failed projects have given the builder a knowledge of how stringed instruments come together and make sounds.

The modest workshop (in the corner of the family room) contains most tools required for Rat Uke assembly, a collection of parts (new and used) and associated literature. The completed Rat Uke is a player. G C E A tuning is used unless the size goes up to baritone.

Rat Ukes have been played in our local ukulele circle, by a friend during a camping trip and recently CBU-001 was played "backstage" by Del Ray at Jamey's House of Music in Philadelphia, PA.

Builder Update:

The Builder has retired.

In March 2017, I retired from a long career in the health field. I am free to do other things now. Improving Rat Uke skills, teaching beginning ukulele players and playing music with friends are my current jobs. With the help of my wife Trish, RatUkes.com is under renovation. Check in and contact me, please.

Thank you,